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    Dallas Austin residence in Atlanta, GA

    Grammy-winning musician, songwriter and music producer, Dallas Austin's custom luxury home in Atlanta, GA was built by Tuscany Corporation. This beautiful home with an open floor plan has been featured on MTV Cribs and in Aleim Magazine.
  2. Evander Holyfield residence in Fayetteville, GA

    Built by Tuscany Corporation, this 109-room mansion, featuring a bowling alley and theater, is one of the homes of former World Heavyweight Champion boxing legend, Evander Holyfield.
  3. Palm Beach Villa

    This stunning Palm Beach Villa was built by Tuscany Corporation.
  4. Rod Stewart home in Palm Beach

    This 17,085 foot "bungalow" is what Rod Stewart calls home in Palm Beach, and includes both a swimming pool and private beach. This home has also been featured in and was built by Tuscany Corporation.
  5. A Tuscan villa

    This wonderful Tuscan villa was built by Tuscany Corporation.
  6. Villa Miami Florida

    This stunning Villa was built by Tuscany Corporation.
Tuscan architecture combines modern and classic elements that make up pure Old World Europe. The beauty of architecture Tuscan style comes from the typical custom crafted natural stone. This includes limestone, travertine and marble. Terra cotta floor and roof tiles are often used to give the antique feel. In Tuscan architecture, wooden beams are often refurbished from Tuscan farmhouses.

Tuscany Corporation specializes in creating exceptional living spaces inspired by legendary European design. Tuscany collaborates with architects, designers, and engineers to develop creative, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and inspiring structures that bring our clients' vision to life. Whether it is a simple renovation of an existing room, or the more complex undertaking of constructing a grand estate, Tuscany always provides the same level of focus and dedication to every single detail surrounding a project. Above all else, Tuscany will never waiver on the commitment to excellence. Tuscany truly believes the only way to deliver a project is to surpass expectations, on time and within budget.

The luxury home builder of choice is Tuscany Corporation!